Virtual Boy – Angry Video Game Nerd

During the ongoing delay of the Nintendo 64 Nintendo announced a new product to fill the time and continued their successful line of portable game systems beginning with the Game & Watch Games, and the Gameboy. The product with more review information, originally dubbed VR 32 would become known as the Virtual Boy. It made … [Read more…]

Indian Heroes of PUBG

People have this mindset India where if you stream then you have to be very good at the game. But if you’re streaming , You have to work on yourself as a whole entertainer because your basic motive is to entertain your audience. Who is Gunshot? I have been playing Video games since i was … [Read more…]

Gaming Taco 20 Questions

I didn’t. Actually no one wanted to be the entry fragger so… “Taco, you’re going to be the entry fragger” and I said okay, let’s do this. My CSGO favorite player is KRiMZ from fnatic. I like to watch him a lot so he’s probably my favorite player. Uhhh maybe 1 or 2? I don’t … [Read more…]

Top 10 Most Addicting PC Video Games

This top 10 list comes with a warning! The games listed in the video are incredibly addictive, and you won’t even notice that you’ve spent the whole night playing. So, if you are a deadline-abiding citizen with a regular sleep-cycle, be careful. This might change once you immerse yourself in the following games. Let’s take … [Read more…]

Best Online Poker Bonuses

Poker Bonus offers an ideal way to attract more money into poker funds. These special codes can be used to clear bonuses bonus. However, not all poker bonus is mandatory that you have to enter the bonus code poker is not true. It is important to use a special casinator link so that you can … [Read more…]

Online Casinos in UK

Most of the UK Casinos moved to virtual world to get more customers and thereby expanding their business. Due to the internet emergence as global, 24/7 place for work and play, UK casinos made their presence on World Wide Web to make the most out of opportunities in business offered by internet. The level of … [Read more…]