Indian Heroes of PUBG

People have this mindset India where if you stream then you have to be very good at the game. But if you’re streaming , You have to work on yourself as a whole entertainer because your basic motive is to entertain your audience. Who is Gunshot? I have been playing Video games since i was … [Read more…]

Gaming Taco 20 Questions

I didn’t. Actually no one wanted to be the entry fragger so… “Taco, you’re going to be the entry fragger” and I said okay, let’s do this. My CSGO favorite player is KRiMZ from fnatic. I like to watch him a lot so he’s probably my favorite player. Uhhh maybe 1 or 2? I don’t … [Read more…]

Top 10 Most Addicting PC Video Games

This top 10 list comes with a warning! The games listed in the video are incredibly addictive, and you won’t even notice that you’ve spent the whole night playing. So, if you are a deadline-abiding citizen with a regular sleep-cycle, be careful. This might change once you immerse yourself in the following games. Let’s take … [Read more…]