FORTNITE | Keep The Elder Alive Challenge (React: Gaming)

– Dude, oh my God. – Hey, be nice to the old lady. – Catherine, no! ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’ll be playing Fortnite Squads. – Okay.

– Ooh. We’re missing somebody. – We need a fourth if we’re gonna squad.

We’re not gonna squad with three. – (FBE) Let’s meet your fourth. – Hey, Catherine. Let’s go! – Hello, everybody. Sorry up front about this.

– (FBE) Today, you’ll be doing the Keep the Elder Alive Challenge. – Oh my God. It’s protect the president.

– Can they do that in real life, too? – (FBE) The rules are gonna be you need to keep Catherine alive to first place. – We got this. – (FBE) If she dies, you restart and start over. – Okay.

– All right. I think we got this. You’re in good hands. – All right, all right. All right.

– So honestly, I think the biggest thing we need to work on is getting her out of the bus to where we need to go. When we get in the Battle Bus right now, you see that purple marker way on the right? – The purple beacon thing? – Yeah, exactly, exactly. Catherine, go ahead and hit space and hold W. – Wait, wait, wait, wait. Space, W. – Go right towards that beacon.

– And put your– yeah, yeah, good, Catherine. All right, we got it. – I see a couple people. I’m gonna land with Catherine just to be safe.

– Yeah, I’m over at Wailing as well. Ah, now– okay. – I’m gonna go get these houses and I’ll be right with you guys. – Uh oh, I got in a tree. – Uh oh, uh oh. Catherine, you have to stay in the tree now.

– Don’t move, don’t move, don’t move. – Don’t move. – Let’s see where zone is. Let’s see where zone is first. – Someone’s on me already. – Hey, be nice to the old lady, everybody.

I can’t jump off the tree? – You’ll take a lot of fall damage and might die. – Yep, don’t go off that tree. – Whoa, there’s a cabin in here now. I didn’t even know that. – Yeah, I didn’t either.

This is the new season, too, Catherine, so a lot of kids are gonna try hard. – It seems much different than what I played before. – And he’s sweaty.

He’s super sweaty. – Coming, I’m coming. I’m coming, I’m coming.

– You got him? – How many? Oh, he’s– yeah, it’s a final. – Oh my God.

I’m popping a med kit real quick. We have tons of bandages we should hold for Catherine. – I’m gonna loot up and just try to be a tank. – Oh, God. – Was that you guys? – No, I don’t know.

That wasn’t it. – From where, from where? – Southwest.

– I see, I see, I see. – Tagged him, 36 shield. – A head, 75 blue.

– All right, let’s go. – Dead. – Nice, let’s go.

All right Catherine. I’m gonna build up to you. – Okay. – Like a firefighter.

– Thank you. – Here we are. Do you see me? Oh no, you don’t?

Okay, Catherine, you see me right next to me? I’m jumping. – There you are. – Yeah. Okay, so what you’re gonna need to do is just walk right towards me. Yep, you can do– Yeah, perfect.

So, if you would’ve jumped off that tree, you would have died. Storm’s coming in. We should move Catherine in right now.

– All right, just fall down that mountain. You’re good. – Perfect, Catherine. – I have a hunting rifle. I’d rather take the heavy.

– Catherine, you ever watch Transformers? – Oh no, bro. This is gonna be rough. – No, I didn’t.

– All right, we’re gonna have to hide her in here. We’re gonna have to hide her in that. That’s the only way. In purple. – Okay, well let’s move over there now then.

– Since that’s the farthest part away from the other original circle, everyone’s gonna be rotating right around here, so that means the least amount of people will be there. So, just keep coming to us. You’re doing great, Catherine. You see that purple beacon? – Yep. – As long as you walk to that, we’re all good and we’re gonna make sure– dude, we can just put 20 walls around her.

No one’s touching her. – And then we’ll put a trap in there just in case. – I have a trap.

All right, here. Bring her this way. Right here, Catherine. Here, I got an idea.

All right, come all the way to the top of this staircase. And stay there, don’t move. Okay, I’m gonna put you in here and I’m gonna go out and reinforce it.

– Whoa. – So don’t move, don’t move. Just sit in the middle. – Okay. – Just sit in there the whole time.

– Okay. – Yeah, we got people southwest and north. – Do they see you?

– No. – I’ll just wait. – We’re gonna have to move her in a second. – What about the storm? – Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking right now. – Dude, oh my God.

– What happened? – I barely missed his head. – All right, Catherine. Come with me, okay? You see me right here?

– Dude, this guy keeps moving. – Okay. – All right, come down here. – All right, I got sniped. – Are they pushing? – No, they’re just firing back.

– Okay. – All right, just build walls in front of her. – Guy up here.

I got one pumped, bro. Of course. – Oh, that’s not good. – I got one– I’m down. – Ah, shoot. – So right now, it’s a 3v4.

– I head shotted him. – Headed to G. – Oh no, I don’t have it. – My wall’s down.

– All right. – Trying to build another. – Oh no. – Build it, build, build, build.

– No, oh my God. – Catherine, no! – Behind us, too.

– Yeah, no. – Ah, second place. – Yay, we came up to second place, though. That’s great. – We got this. – So, we’re kind of learning the best way to communicate with Catherine is definitely leave marks so she knows where to go.

Always keep her in sight and then we’re just gonna box her in and then we’re gonna go try to fight it out. – I think if we try to avoid running into people a little bit more, we’ll be a little bit safer. – We can either go Lucky, but I know some– yeah, I think Lucky or Flush is the move. I’d say Lucky, honestly. – All right. – Go ahead and hit space right now and hold W and aim towards them.

Yeah, you got it. – Should I drop? No, should I drop? – Yeah, you can just land on the ground wherever you want and then just stay in the city.

– Oh my God. I got good loot. – Catherine, so you can look around, just make sure to stay within the city, but you can get any weapon you want. I do feel like your parent right now. Just stay within eyesight, okay? I don’t want anything to happen to you.

– All right, Catherine. I have a shotgun for you if you would like it. – I would. – There you go – So now just go ahead and follow us.

– Let me get my… – Let’s put her in a shopping cart. – Where’d you go? – Look at this shopping cart to your left.

– Yeah. – And you see how it says– if it says “Passenger–” does it say “Passenger?” – Yes. – Go ahead and hit E once.

– So now I’m gonna go ahead and drive this, so don’t hit any buttons or else you’ll jump out. – Okay. – So now we’re gonna be able to get to the safe zone faster. Oh, I have a plan. I’m gonna put her in the corn maze. They just added these, so you literally can not see anyone.

All right, Catherine, I’m gonna go take you over to this place. It’s called Fatal Fields. It’s a farm and a field, pretty much. – Okay.

– All right. Oh, there’s people. There’s people northwest, 3:30, guys.

All right, so Catherine, I’m gonna put you in the middle of this corn maze and you’re gonna stay put. – Field of dreams. – Field of dreams. – Yeah, leave it– you can just leave me in there with Kevin Costner for a while. – Hey.

– By the way, so there are people 3:45 north. I just saw a couple. – All right. – Catherine?

– Yeah? – They were right below the hill before it goes into Salty. All right, I think we should get moving and take her to the side of this mountain, purple. Dude, honestly. The shopping cart is so clutch. That we can go– – Yeah.

– That way we can get her there safely and we don’t have to have any issues. We can just take her where we need to. – No, this thing’s perfect. Also, Catherine, do me a favor.

Press B. – Yeah. – And then 1. Yeah. – Whoo hoo! Whoo!

I’m just riding. – Eleven players left, so that means there’s only… – We’re gonna go take– we’re gonna take this hill. – I’m gonna bring her, Catherine, to the house.

Gonna get you safety. – Make sure it’s in the zone. Is it? Yeah, it is.

– Troy, do not get picked off right now. – Is it gonna fit? Yeah. – Close the door behind you. – Get out of it?

– No, no, no. I’m gonna be your bodyguard, okay? – Okay. I’m locked and loaded.

– All right, perfect. That’s how you’re gonna stay, all right? – Yeah, I see him.

It’s a 4v4, I think. – All right, let’s go. – And they’re coming to us. – Do they know we’re here?

– No, but they’re launch padding towards us, so Tom, you might just have to leave her and come fight with us right now. Or wait, no. We gotta our zone first. – Yeah.

– Let’s put her behind this mountain and just put her in a one by one. – All right, Catherine. This how we’re gonna win. – Okay. – You watch this door, okay? – Come out, come out, Tom.

– Yeah, I see them launch padding. They don’t know we’re here. – Let’s get where Tyler is.

– Whoo. Catherine, I’m sorry this isn’t as eventful as you might have hoped. – No, I’ve been– staying alive is very eventful, trust me. After 70 years, staying alive is a challenge.

– I’m gonna take a shot if I have it. I’m lagging pretty hard. – Hit one for 22.

Oh, this is not good. Oh boy. – Argh. – No. – Oh God, we got mapped.

It’s up to you, Catherine. – Wha– where is everybody? You’re all gone? – Yeah. We failed you.

– And the storm eye is shrinking. The storm– oh, what do I do? – No, Catherine! – No! – She’s still alive. No.

– That was so cool, guys. Thank you. – Aw, thanks for being– – Wow. That was just great.

– Catherine, any time you wanna squad up with us, you’re more than welcome. – Thank you. I probably will now. Thank you for watching us play Fortnite on the React Channel. – See you later, guys.

– Hey all, it’s Omar here, React Gaming producer. Thank you for watching us try to save our elder. We’re in the comments replying to you guys during the first 30 minutes of every episode, so be sure to Subscribe, hit the bell and check mark so you know when we’re there. All right, I’m gonna go save my elder, so I’ll see you– wait, am I the elder? I don’t– Bye.