Gaming Taco 20 Questions

I didn’t. Actually no one wanted to be the entry fragger so… “Taco, you’re going to be the entry fragger” and I said okay, let’s do this. My CSGO favorite player is KRiMZ from fnatic. I like to watch him a lot so he’s probably my favorite player. Uhhh maybe 1 or 2?

I don’t eat tacos that much and taco is not my favorite food. The funniest is Fer, of course. He looks really calm to the public, but Fer is really funny and he’s always messing. I will choose coldzera, because Fallen has a girlfriend… and if I choose him, I can be in trouble.

My name in Brazil is really weird, my name is Epitacio so since I was a baby my aunt called me Taco. And Taco in Brazil means baseball bat, in Portuguese, it means baseball bat. So it’s not because of the dish. I think nothing special.

Uhhh the food is different, I think Brazilian food is better. Now uh, Felps. Felps has the best body. Of course not. Uh it was not easy in the beginning..I was studying and playing. In general is was fine because I was doing well in the University, but it was not easy.

Uhh, maybe DOTA? DOTA2 I liked to play with friends. I don’t have enough to play, but I like the game. My favorite Brazilian dish is Brazilian Japanese food. It’s different.

It’s not Japanese food, it’s Brazilian Japanese food. I love it. I always wear a hat because I’m getting bald so… My biggest fear…is that… I really play CSGO to win. I love the trophies and I’m always wanting to win. But.. so my biggest fear is to lose this desire.

I don’t know what can happen if I lose this thing… maybe I will stop To play an entry fragger, basically you have to have no fear. You have to be fearless. You have to go, and you have to do everything you need to do for your team. And you have study the game a lot.. and it’s not that easy of a role.

Can you dab? Ok.. marry probably with Fer because if I marry with coldzera we are going to fight every day. And punch in the face.. I think..I would say Fallen buuut Felps is the new player soo… it’s him. My favorite memory is the first major that we won. I have no words to explain how it felt.

But it was really good for me. It was in Brazil. I remember we were playing a qualifier to play a tournament in the USA..uh MLG Aspen. We were with a good team. It was me, cold, felps, HEN1 and xand.. and we lost to Kabum. I really wanted this win, but we played terrible.. maybe we choked on LAN.

It was really bad for me. No, I don’t like pineapple pizza because it’s not normal in Brazil soo maybe I never tried it to be honest. I would fight with the one horse sized duck because I’m too lazy to fight with 300 so I choose this one. I would fight with the 1 duck sized horse… No, one horse sized duck .. you can’t make your own options.. One horse sized duck.