Indian Heroes of PUBG

People have this mindset India where if you stream then you have to be very good at the game. But if you’re streaming , You have to work on yourself as a whole entertainer because your basic motive is to entertain your audience. Who is Gunshot? I have been playing Video games since i was in grade 8th. And i started playing professionally in call of duty I represented India in MSG world finals that happened in Louisiana U.S.A. Then i started playing DOTA. Dota is like another moba game .

Moba is like league of legends but a more complex game. At one point of time there was a stage when i thought Should i go professional through DOTA or should i just do the managerial part of the industry because the industry is pretty big. So i started covering events, Freelancing for people by travelling to various events. My first event was DSE 2017 in Shanghai and then i went to the international in 2018 covering it for Valf. Do you think pro gaming can become a career in India? Oh, For sure.

The rapidly speed at which gaming is growing i think it can be a profession. And i think if you’re a pro gamer then the maximum age is like 33-34. Because after that time your reaction time lows down. So you can’t click as fast as the kids do. When you become a professional gamer you get into contacts with many tournament organizers and stuff like that. So you get in to that various other fields of gaming.

Becoming Commentator, Becoming Analyst and many many aspects of that. What are the Challenges for becoming a pro gamer? So the main obstacle to become a professional gamer was to first of all get the permissions from my parents to play. Because they thought gaming would not feed me enough. Or i won’t make any money out of gaming because they thought the education is the fore most important thing.

But then at once when i represented India at MLG world final then they thought there might be a slight chance that i might become a professional gamer and make a living out of it. So that’s where they told me do whatever you want but till the time your grades are up we won’t say you anything. So it was kind of difficult balance in both gaming and education at the same time.

But it was manageable. PUBG PC i played that game for around one year. What a shot!

PUBG PC has a different dynamic of the game. It’s kind of hard to learn. Kind of hard to shoot the gun and stuff like that. But with PUBG mobile the thing is that PUBG mobile is really easy to get the game and First it’s really accessible. Second it’s really easy compared to PUBG PC Because you have like kind of aim assist that assit your aim.

And then PUBG mobile has defiantly changed the audience that i could reach to. Because everybody was looking for PUBG mobile while nobody was. that happened once when i was playing PUBG PC and somebody wrote me “Is this a new map that came out in PUBG mobile?” So people don’t know the difference but they want to see PUBG mobile more because it’s in the trend. With PUBG mobile and PUBG PC they are available in the different platforms So the community is divided into two because the 10 cent who made PUBG mobile actually created the emulator for people to play on PC too. So they think it’s kind of an advantage we have over mobile players.

But they don’t we are playing with emulator based player. And they think PUBG PC is more hard so most people are not playing it. What they don’t understand is how easily it is accessible the PUBG mobile. And you can play this on your phone you don’t need a high end PC to play on it. And people also think that PUBG PC is kind of hard.

I guess its true but for casual gamer PUBG mobile will do the thing. Because you’re getting the same experience just that you don’t have to spend much time to learning it. My favorite map is Erangle. Because i have been playing in that map since the game came out.

And it was the default map. I do like Miramber but i dont like Sanock because its easy to hide in the bushes. Erangle has this very special place because when i started playing PUBG I was dropping in Pochinki, I was dropping School non stop trying to kill everyone. So that kind of rush, You do get it in the other maps but When you know the map really well you just can’t get over it.

So the idea was behind streaming was People You want to reachout to people. And you reach out to people when you’re live Some people do it for 16 or 18 hours a day And that too on a single go. Sitting on for long hours. It will damage your eyes. It will damage your back.

I would suggest that connect with the audience and do it on for short intervals for 3 hours – 4 hours stream at max. Because that moment is sufficient and then you take at least an hour or two hour of break and then you come back to stream. And if you’re aspiring to be a streamer just be yourself.

Some people change their personalities just to trying to become a streamer. So don’t loose yourself in the moment because the need for success to become a streamer is immense But just don’t loose yourself because you’ll find a niche Some kind of people who’ll like who you are And not what they want to see. before three years back i would tell i am a pro gamer So they were be like”You’re what?” Now people are more interested in how to become a gamer And they are actually aware of it. PUBG has played a major role in it. Because before that games were expensive And they were not easily accessible to all.

But now since PUBG mobile came out it’s a free game You can download it on your phone And you have Jio for free internet. So everybody can download PUBG mobile Get hooked on to it.